Life Coach Sian Cross

A little bit about me… I love music, talking, reading, photography, art and pretty much anything creative. I have always had a keen interest in the power of our minds and I push myself to use my thoughts both positively and affectively. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and have worked for 6 years as a one to one physical coach helping clients to reach and often exceed their health and fitness goals. In my role as a physical coach a large part of my job was to enable my clients to push through their perceived limitations and be the best version of them. A lot of what held them back was to do with their mindset; it was not just their physical lives that played a part in that but their whole lives: their jobs, families, social lives, everything had a factor on their success. I began to see the importance of our thoughts and just how much they shape our actions and the positive or negative outcomes of that. I wanted to take my understanding further in order to ensure my clients reached their goals. I found Simply Changing online and enrolled immediately. It has been a real journey for me. I have found out so much about myself and I have felt first hand the dramatic changes Life Coaching can bring to your life. I am now a fulltime life coach and I absolutely love seeing my Coachees grow and become empowered, using resources and skills they already had but were just unable to see… All I do essentially is open your eyes to just how amazing you are!

Sessions are £65 with a minimum of 5 per course


“When I went into my first session with Sian I had no idea what life coaching was. What I did know is that I had reached a difficult period professionally and I needed help overcoming it. Having heard of someone’s own positive experience I decided to try it and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I would be a little bit nervous before each session because I knew I had to speak about myself but that would all go away once I started talking to Sian. She creates a completely comfortable and safe environment. Our sessions became more than just about my work or search for work. It really is what it says: life coaching. Sian helped me look at myself and my life in much more positive way. That’s another thing: Sian is a beam of positivity.

If you’ve never tried life coaching you should and it should be with Sian.”

Joana Fresco – Coaching Via Skype