Zoom Personal Training

Community Zoom Classes

Welcome to our community of zoom classes.  If there is one great thing that has come out of living through a pandemic, it’s been the joy of seeing our wonderful clients from all over the world on one screen. 

These classes are designed for all fitness levels in the comfort of your own home.  These training sessions are full body conditioning classes embracing muscle strengthening, endurance, and cardiovascular training. Although all classes can be done with only a mat, we do encourage our regulars to invest in some equipment.  Our favourites are 2kg hand weights, one heavy weight like a kettle bell, and some circle resistance bands.  If you have any questions regarding the classes or advice on equipment please email sian@u-shape.co.uk

If you have any questions regarding term dates or pricing please email nadya@u-shape.co.uk or check out the new schedule on Instagram @UShapeLondon

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long are the classes? 45 minutes
  • Do I need equipment? No
  • Do I need a lot of space? It is recommended to have enough space to fit a yoga mat
  • Do you offer alternatives for injuries or different fitness ability? Absolutely
  • What if I miss my class – will you send me a recording? Yes, any prepaid sessions will automatically be sent a recording of the session
  • Do you allow time at the end of the session for stretching? Yes usually between 5-10 minutes of stretching and breath work
  • Do you offer discounts on classes? Yes at the beginning of each term we offer 40% off prepaid unlimited classes
  • I’m not sure of my work schedule – can I do pay as you go? Absolutely
  • How do I get the Zoom meeting ID? Once you have filled out a PAR-Q and made payment you will receive the meeting ID

Zoom Personal Training

We offer personal training from the comfort of your own home on zoom.  For anyone requiring that same boost from a PT session but without any travel time nor having anyone else coming into your home this is the dream scenario.  For many parents, this has become a handy way to get a session in either before their children are awake, down for a nap or building lego. Plus, now that we have many clients working from home it also allows time for a session during the lunch time break without taking any extra time to get to the park.

We currently have a few spaces available at 6:30am, 10am and lunch time. Email nadya@u-shape.co.uk for more info.


We ask that you have your own mat and we can recommend equipment for the home depending on your training goals. 

  • To get started:
  • Phone / Zoom consultation is free
  • Sessions are paid in prepaid blocks of 5
  • £65 for one hour
  • £55 for 45 minutes