Angela has been part of the team for over ten years and still has a few spaces available for anyone wanting a personal trainer in Barnes.  A few select times are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

For personal training services in Barnes, please call U-Shape today on 07909 841 313 or email 

Personal Training and Covid-19 

We take your health (and ours) very seriously.   Just so you know, we no longer share mats. 

PLEASE bring your own.  We also try and keep sharing of equipment to a minimum.   However, for those who rely on us to provide equipment, we ensure all equipment is thoroughly cleaned between each session and have hand sanitiser at the ready.  

For anyone with an underlying health condition or feeling anxious about training in person, we are very happy to wear a mask throughout the session, no questions asked.  

If you prefer to keep a safe bubble, all sessions can also be done on zoom.  

Personal Trainer Barnes