Personal trainer pre-natal fitness £650 / Blocks of 10

Giving birth requires as much stamina and fitness as running a marathon! With this in mind, U-Shape provides fully qualified pre and post-natal trainers to guide the mum-to-be through safe and effective exercises to prepare them not only for the baby’s arrival but also for the exhausting first weeks post delivery. Our experience has taught us that the fitter the mum is before giving birth, the faster she recovers. She will cope better with sleep deprivation, and get back to her pre-pregnancy shape sooner. Pre-pay in blocks of 10 one hour personal training sessions to receive a free consultation, then weekly support and guidance in both exercise and nutrition.

Personal trainer post-baby blitz £1100 / Blocks of 20

This program can commence after your 6-8 week post-natal check-up. A pre-paid block of 20 sessions includes a free consultation. We will then design a program to get you back to pre-pregnancy shape or better! This will involve toning, conditioning, posture, and pelvic floor exercises. Additionally, we offer weekly nutritional advice and support to help boost your immune system and energy levels. Our trainers take into consideration the lack of energy and sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby. And we know that one of the many challenges post-baby, is getting the time on your own to do exercise. With this in mind, U-Shape is happy to provide one-to-one training sessions in the home or in local parks with mums and their babies. This provides a more flexible option for new mothers, so that they might successfully fit fitness and well being into their new life.

How to get started

First, contact us to set up a free private consultation. In this meeting we will discuss where you’re at—how have health considerations and fitness featured in your life thus far? Tell us what has motivated you to get a personal trainer, what you hope to achieve and what your particular needs are (i.e. medical considerations, past injuries, problem areas). From there we will match you with the trainer that best suits your health and fitness needs.

'I first called upon Nadya and U-Shape soon after the birth of my second child. I was - needless to say - unfit and exhausted, but wanted to get back to working out and feeling vaguely like a human being again, even if only for an hour at a time. As a mum herself, Nadya understood how I was feeling and gradually eased me back to fitness, always sympathetic to my limitations (and lack of pelvic floor!) but encouraging me to push myself further each time. Despite being cursed at, she always kept a smile on her face (I didn't!) and the sessions have always been hugely enjoyable as well as properly testing. I have now been a client for over 7 years and have taken part in several races, including a half marathon, and am in training for a 100k overnight walk. I couldn't have done it without her!'

Claire Brydon